Artist's Statement:

I am an artist who enjoys painting and photography equally. From a young age I have been interested in the concept of freezing time. One of the first photos I took when I finally got my own camera was of a clock, because I wanted to, quite literally, freeze time. I still greatly enjoy being able to photograph those moments that are ephemeral. Flowers die, light fades and golden hour exists. I wish to capture something as it is in that moment, before it fades away, disappears or changes.

I enjoy the quiet, peacefulness of nature. With age, a twisting, dying flower or tree can represent death or old age and can be beautiful in and of itself. I see the human spirit in nature and tend to personify flowers, trees or other inanimate objects.

I am drawn to the emotive expression that exists in certain body shapes and positions. Over the past several years I have created oil pastel paintings that are figurative in nature with blank faces. I rely heavily on the body poses to convey the emotions I wish to express in my paintings. When creating my paintings I use a combination of colors, shapes, lines and textures to further the overall mood of each painting. My favorite part when creating an oil pastel painting is putting down the energetic pastel strokes that make up the last few layers of the painting. This is the moment when it feels like the entire painting is coming alive.

I strive to create paintings with passion, feeling and meaning. This gives my paintings a very different, bold and energetic, feeling that contrasts with the more calm and peaceful photography that I enjoy creating.



Kristi Rasmussen was born in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. A former student of Bismarck State College, Kristi moved from North Dakota to study visual art and art history at the University of Minnesota.

Kristi now resides in Maplewood, MN where she strives to live life, take nothing for granted and to gain knowledge.

​                   Kristi L. Rasmussen